1st August

Brigade HQ

Leave parties to Alexandria, Cairo and Ishmalia continue. Day leave to Ishmalia is greatly appreciated by officers and men. Individual training and drill parties in the morning and lectures in the evening are carried out by the battalions.

1200 Brigade Commander returns from 2 Innisks at Sidi Bishr.

1600 Brigade Commander summoned to Divisional HQ.

1745 Brigade Commander returns. Informs us that the brigade will not now be going to Palestine but will remain here and do individual training preparatory to returning to Italy.

Brigade Commander decides to try and move the brigade and join the 2 Innisks at Sidi Bishr. Phones up Area Commander and receives tentative reply of approval.


Continue light training and leave. Received draft of 2 and 31 from 2 Skins.

6 Innisks– QASSASSIN.

Weather fine and warm.

A quiet day with no activity. The few men in camp were needed to carry out the administrative duties.

Bttn HQ was still busily engaged in completing the many ‘A’ details required for the disbandment of the battalion.

1400 A swimming party left for Ishmalia.


1000 CO’s inspection of bttn camp area.

1100 Warning Order. Probable future move of 7% of present bttn strength leave present area under command of Staff Captain, approx date 5th August.

2nd August

Brigade HQ

0930 Brigade Commander phones up Alexandria area and receives notification that the brigade can go to Sidi Bishr camp. Arrangements accordingly made with division. Advance parties to go on the 4th and main body to move on 7th.

Additional troops under command will be 152 Field Ambulance, RASC Transport Platoon and half section of Provost.

Brigade Commander commences to write the story of the Irish Brigade from March to July 1944.

Brigade PT course commences. Instructors from APTC Cairo have come down to run the course. Students are both officers and men from the three battalions. Course to last ten days.


Admin received move Order No 14 – 38 (Irish) Brigade plus Appendix A.

6 Innisks – QASSASSIN.

Weather fine and warm.

CO, Adjutant, Major Mathew and IO, who was working as Assistant Adjutant left for the 2nd Bttn to tie up final details about personnel from 6 Innisks, who were to be absorbed into 2 Innisks.

Major RB Myles was appointed to command the bttn in the absence of the CO and Major EJ Griffiths was appointed A/Ajt in the absence of Captain R Blyth. Warning was received that the brigade would now be going to Alexandria instead of Palestine as previously arranged and that the move would take place earlier than originally intended  ie 7th August instead of 12th August.

Movement Order received from Brigade HQ.

2 Innisks– SIDI BISHR.

1200 Notification of the following awards for the Anzio fighting:

Captain PJ Long, MC.

Lieut RW Brackenridge, MC.

6983390 L/CplA Godber, MM.


0900 RSM’s lecture of ceremonial drill to NCOs and Officers.

1000 Lecture on Egypt by Mr Heywood (British Council of Information).

1100 Bttn inoculation and vaccination parade.

3rd August


Orders for move of brigade to Sidi Bishr issued.

Battalions continue training periods in morning and day leave periods in Ishmalia and Cairo.

1900 Brigade Pipe Band plays Retreat in the Brigade Lines.

2100 Film ‘Tunisian Victory’ shown in the lines of the Irish Fusiliers to all ranks in the brigade.


Received further detail re above.

6 Innisks – QASSASSIN.

Weather – fine and warm.

Normal routine at Qassassin with Bathing Parade in the afternoon.


1000 Warning for advance party to move to Sidi Bishr 0900 hrs on 4th August.

1800 Brigade Band played ceremonial ‘Retreat’

2100 ENSA film show ‘Tunisian Victory’ for the brigade.

4th August


0530 Leave parties to Alexandria depart.

1200 Brigade Commander’s Conference to discuss the best amendments to the present unit and formation War Establishments.

2000 Brigade Commander, Staff Captain and IO go to dinner with the 2 LIR.


Leaves continue, all ranks taking advantage of facilities provided.

6 Innisks – QASSASSIN.

Weather very warm and bright.

Normal routine at Qassassin.

0900 At Alexandria, a conference was held at 2 Innisks to decide where to put the personnel transferred from the 6th Bttn.

2 Innisks – SIDI BISHR.

Advance party 38 (Irish) Brigade arrive Sidi Bishr. Bttn provides working parties etc, to complete camps for Brigade Group.


0500 Five day leave party left for Alexandria.

0900 Bttn advance party left for Sidi Bishr.

1215 CO’s Office.

1800 Movement Order. Bttn to move on 7th August to Sid Bishr.

2000 Dinner in Officers’ Mess for Brigadier and Officers of brigade.

5th August


0600 Leave parties to Cairo and Ishmalia depart.

0730 Brigade Commander leaves for Sidi Bishr.


1 RIrF Move Order No 2 issued.

6 Innisks – QASSASSIN.

Weather fine and warm.

Normal routine at camp.

1400 CO, Adjutant, IO and Major Mathew returned from Alexandria and work was started on movement orders and administrative details for the move of the bttn to Alexandria.

In the evening, personnel returned from leave and the camp lost its deserted appearance, as everyone re-installed with beds etc.


0630 Five day leave party left for Cairo.

1800 Long leave party returned from Alexandria