16th August

Brigade HQ – SIDI BISHR.

Individual training by battalions.

Range allotments.


Early morning demonstration by camp guard for any locals lurking around.


0830 E Coy on Field Firing Range.

1000 All Thompson Machine Guns handed in prior to issue of Carbines M3 (American Manufacture).

17th August

Brigade HQ – SIDI BISHR.

Individual training by battalions.

RE course commences at Brigade HQ.

46 RTR were in camp at Amiriya and all instruction and practice in the cooperation between infantry and tanks was to be done with them. Consequently, various phases of training were worked out. One squadron was to work with each battalion.

The first phase was to be a Cloth Model Exercise run by the COs of the battalions. This provided good opportunities for the COs to discuss actual battles they had fought in the advance to Rome and discuss the faults and merits of their decisions.

1 RIrF held a lecture by the CO on tank cooperation at 0900 hrs at which the Tank Squadron and Troop Leaders attended.

Lt Col Scott, commanding 6 Innisks, was also present.

At 1400 hrs, they held the Cloth Model discussion on the same subject, which was also attended by the Brigade Commander and various officers of the Egyptian Army.

0730 Advance parties from Brigade HQ, the three battalions and 152 Field Ambulance leave for docks to embark for Italy.


Lecture by CO on tank cooperation, followed by sand table discussion. The latter was attended by Tank, Skin and Brigade officers and officers from the Egyptian Army.


0900 Brigadier’s inspection of bttn camp area.

F Coy on Field Firing Range.

1600 Bttn Movement Order No 8 warned Advance Party to move off at 0715 hrs on 18 August.

18th August

Brigade HQ – SIDI BISHR.

Representatives from 2 Innisks watch demonstration shoot by 17 Field Regiment at Mena.

2 LIR hold Cloth Model discussion in the evening on cooperation of Infantry and Tanks. Various officers of the Egyptian Army also attended this discussion.

Also in the evening, an officer from GHQ lectured to representatives of the three battalions on the Escape and Conduct of British Prisoners of War.

Orders received for all transport to be ready to move at 48 hrs from the 20th August.

Later on during the evening, further information was received stating that all transport would move to Amiriya on 22nd preparatory to being called forward to the docks for loading.


Coy representatives heard an excellent talk at brigade on escapes and escape devices.


0730 Bttn Advance Party left for Alexandria docks at 0830 hrs. G and H Coys on Field Firing Range.

1700 CO’s TEWT for Officers and Platoon Sergeants on Tank Cooperation. Lecture given with aid of Sand Table Model of Rapido Battle. Officers of the Tank Corps, 2 Innisks and local units of the Egyptian Army also present.

New Carbine M3s issued during course of the day.

19th August

Brigade HQ – SIDI BISHR.

All battalions allotted the Open Range, otherwise individual training carried out.

A Charity Ball was held in Alexandria, which was attended by a fair percentage of officers from the brigade.

Decorations for the crossing of the Rapido and the smashing of the Gustav Line were announced this evening.

They were as follows:

6 Innisks

Lt Col Hen Bredin. MC and Bar – DSO

Major MB Miles – MC.

Lieut JV Sorrell (UVF) – MC.

Captain JA Petrie (RAMC) – MC.

L/Cpl R Hadden, MM – Bar to MM.

CSM J Thompson – MM.

Sgt H Owens – MM.

Sgt L Leaper – MM.


Major JH Coldwell-Horsfall, MC – DSO.

Major AD Woods MC – Bar to MC.

Lieut DW Fay – MC.

Cpl G Keegan – MM.

Rfn J Bean – MM.

1 RIrF

Captain GL Richards, MM – MC.

Lieut JV Lloyd – MC.

CSM P Payne – DCM.

Sgt AC Cross – DCM.

CSM J Storey – MM.

Sgt Bunting (ACC) – MM.

Sgt F Higgins – MM.

Sgt S Sanderson – MM.

Sgt G Marnell – MM.

L/Cpl F Girvan – MM.


Major McNally left unit for METC. Advance party left.


0900 S Coy on Field Firing Range.

1200 Warning Order for bttn to prepare to function on Light Scale as from 0600 hrs on 20th August.

20th August

Brigade HQ – SIDI BISHR.

1 RIrF and 2 LIR allotted Open Ranges at Abukir and Deheila.

2 Innisks hold Cloth Model Discussion on cooperation with tanks.

2 LIR send representative to watch artillery shoot by 17 Field Regiment, RA at Mena.


Captain Rawlings rejoined unit. 100 men and assorted officers stood by to assist in expected Greek riots in Alex which did not materialise.

The following decorations were awarded wef 30th May:


Lt Col JH Horsfall, MC.


Captain GL Richards, MM.

Lieut JV Lloyd.


6976361 CSM P Payne.

7047043 Sgt A Cross.


7012472 CSM Storey.

6975123 Sgt P Bunting.

7046643 Sgt F Higgins.

7044677 Sgt S Sanderson.

3777718 L/Sgt G Mammell.

3774728 L/Cpl Girvan

2 Innisks – SIDI BISHR.

Brigade Commander holds conference for COs on Tank Cooperation.


0900 RC and C of E Church Parades.