Brigade HQ.

0100 8 A & SH on escarpment west of 38 Brigade position (725920)

0400 36 Brigade with 6 RWK (left) and E Surreys (right) entered Aderno without opposition. 2 LF with squadron 50 RTR  and C Squadron 56 Recce regiment now proceeding up Bronte road.

0930 2 LIR moved to area 200 yards west of Carcaci station

1 RIrF.

2259 11 Brigade successfully occupied Aderno and were pushing into Bronte.

Bttn concentrated in A & C Coys. Packs and blankets issued to men on arrival of B Echelon.

Lance Corporal George Worrall, Royal Irish Fusiliers.

6 Innisks – ADRANO.

1300 Terrific barrage overhead onto Adrano, which was taken without assistance.

Bulk ration issued. Bread blue mouldy. Bttn HQ moved to house 693955.

B Echelon moved to house 692953.

2 LIR.

0400 16 Brigade enter Aderno without opposition.

2 LIR with Squadron 50 RTR and “C” Squadron 56 Recce advance up road to Bronte.

0900 Battalion HQ moves to area 698960 (Sheet 269-1, Italy 1/50,000)

Present position of battalion as follows:

E Company Carcaci area: F Company 702958; G Company 702962; H Company 703961.

H Company and “B” Echelon move to area Railway Station at 695958.

Battalion rests after six days strenuous action.