War Diaries – 27th August 1943

Brigade HQ.

Brigade Movement Order No 4 – Move to North Coast – issued.

1 RIrF.

1200 Received orders that 78th Division would concentrate in present rest area.

1400 Staff Captain came down with orders re move. As much of the Bttn would move on the 28th as was possible and the remainder on the 29th. Afternoon spent preparing for move. Everything was to move on the 28th except A/Tk, QM, ammunition and C & D Coy stores. Transport would be sent back to convey QM etc on 29th. A/Tk moved self-contained. Carriers moved under Brigade arrangements on 28th.

2 LIR.

Battalion less E Company and QM warned to move to new location at Rest Area on coast. Companies already in the Rest Area warned to remain in their present location.

W/Lieut E Daly (RUR) admitted to ADS.

T/Major DW Conroy (RUR) admitted to ADS.