War Diaries – 21st August 1943

1 RIrF.

The new rest area proved highly satisfactory to everyone. The troops settled down to three days relaxation. There was an abundance of all types of fruit and a number of vegetables. Eggs and fresh fish were also obtainable. The sea was little more than one hundred yards from the camp and most of the day was spent lying on the beach and bathing, with always a bunch of delicious grapes near at hand. A concert was held on the second night and free ‘vino; was supplied by the PRI. The local inhabitants did not appear to resent our presence at all and even joined into the concert. A limited number of passes were given out to men to go to Patti, the local town where it was possible to purchase at least a few conveniences. Without exception, everyone must have enjoyed themselves and the Bttn well deserved it.

6 Innisks – MALETTO.

Captain McCaldin MC to hospital.

2 LIR.

Company training.

W/Lieutenant JD O’Rourke (RUR) admitted to ADS.

Captain LJ Samuels (RAMC) admitted to ADS.