Brigade HQ.

0345 Brigade HQ and 50% personnel of each Bttn moved to rest area at Patti (8449).via Randazzo (8320), Domenica Vittoria (8524), Torotorici (7337), Castell Umberto (7243), Naso (6947), Capod’Orlando (6552), Brolo (7352).

1500 Brigade HQ established Tindari (9250), 6 Innisks (8750), 2 LIR (8950), 1 RIrF (8850).

1 RIrF.

0330 With A Coy leading, 1st rest party left. Order of march A, B, HQ and S Coy. Route via Cap Orlanda to Patti.

The journey was very tedious as there was a lot of transport on the road, and at Cap Orlanda, the party was ordered off the road, as the coast road to Messina was reserved for the 51st Division.

1700 Half Bttn was complete in rest area.

6 Innisks – MALETTO.

Half battalion (C & D Coys and half S and HQ Coys) moved to rest area (SL253 895505). Area affords good shade and is almost on the seashore. Bathing is excellent, the shore shelves steeply and deep water comes within 5 yards of the edge. Complete absence of parades and separation of officers and ORs is the “Order of the Day.”

Fruit is plentiful (grapes, figs, blackberries). Bttn HQ remains at Mortar Corner but as Brigade has moved to rest area, much administrative detail finds its way to the rest area.

The remainder of the battalion continues individual training and field firing.

1600 March out for Exercise “Blister”. 19 miles to assembly area.

2 LIR.

Church services. No training.

Battalion Training Instruction and Programmes of Work issued.

Lessons of the Sicilian Campaign. (letter to 38 (Irish) Inf Bde).

CSM John McKee, London Irish Rifles.