War Diaries – 19th August 1943

Brigade HQ.

T/Major FFK Ball DCLI posted this HQ as Brigade Major vice T/Major MF Douglas Pennant. Letter of congratulation to 78 Division attached.

2300 Orders for move received.

1 RIrF.

Message from Brigade to say that there were several hundred Germans reported to be in area 8555.

0600 A and D Coys under 2.i.c. set out to deal with them.

1100 Objective was reached and no trace of any enemy could be seen either on the way up or there. It seemed an extremely unlikely place for any German soldier to go to and the party returned home.

2100 Message from Brigade saying 1st rest party of ½ Bttns would leave at 0330 tomorrow morning.

6 Innisks – MALETTO.

Captain Norman (adjutant) admitted to hospital with jaundice.

2 LIR.

Company training and leave periods commence. E Company, G Company, half HQ Company and F Company move to coastal rest area near Patti. Established in area 8850 (Italy Sheet xxx 1/100,000).