1st April

Brigade HQ – FORLI 432171.


2 LIR and 1 RIrF practise watermanship and river crossing across R Ronco, north of Forlimpopoli.


‘O’ Group for Exercise Po.

2 Innisks – FORLI.

1000 An RC Church Parade was held in the St Lucia Chapel, Forli and the Regimental Pipe Band attended this parade. The C of E Parade was voluntary and was held in the Dorchester NAAFI.

1100 The CO and Adjutant went on a four day visit to Rome. Major GRP Findlater assumed command of the bttn.

1600 An advance party consisting of the CO, LO, Coy Commanders and Platoon reps moved off to the A & SH sector of the Senio river defences, to prepare the take over on the 2nd.

1635 2 Innisks Movement Order No 2 issued..


0900 Bttn still located located in Forli.

0930 Easter Sunday – Voluntary CE and RC church services.

1800 CO’s ‘O’ Group on Exercise Hosannah.

2nd April

Brigade HQ – FORLI 432171.


2 LIR carry out Exercise Hosannah to practise attack by infantry in Kangaroos.

1 RIrF practise river crossings.

2 Innisks move forward to relieve 8 A & SH on River Senio and come under command 11 Infantry Brigade. The sector they took over was just north of Cotignola and had been moderately quiet, although there were still a number of enemy outposts maintained on the eastern floodbank.

1500 Demonstration of Assault Brigade Equipment at 462298. The senior representatives from each bttn attended.


Exercise Po, use of Kapok bridges successful. 4 ½ minutes to launch and get across.

2 Innisks – FORLI.

1515 Bttn HQ, C and S Coys left Forli for the new positions in A & SH area (Borgo 3834) under command of Lieut M Murray.

1600 Bttn HQ, C and S Coys arrived at Bttn HQ and were guided to their respective places by A & SH guides to Coy HQs and by our own reps to their positions.

1700 C Coys change over completed without incident.

1730 Bttn HQ and S Coys changed over.

1830 Bttn came under command of 11 Brigade. Main body left Forli.

1930 Main body arrived at Bttn HQ and waited until dusk to go forward to their positions. As the enemy positions dominated this sector, reliefs of forward coys were carried out at night and a harassing fire plan was put into operation by artillery, MMG and 3” mortars to cover noise and harass enemy positions.

1950 A Coy allowed forward. C, S Coy and Bttn HQ ‘Standing to’ (Normal).

1955 D Coy allowed forward.

2000 RAP relieved.

2045 B Coy allowed forward.

2110 C Coy request Pioneers to make a path through a minefield to their 3rd platoon.

2132 D Coy relief of Y Coy (A & SH) completed.

2145 A Coy relief of R Coy (A & SH) completed. Bttn relief completed without incident and HQ 11 Brigade informed.

2230 Warning Order from Brigade (38 infantry) to say 2 LIR will relieve 2 Innisks on 5th April.


0700 Exercise Hosannah.

3rd April

Brigade HQ – FORLI 432171.


2 LIR practise river crossings.

1 RIrF carry out Exercise Massa. This exercise was designed to bring out all the points necessary in tank and infantry cooperation, including wireless procedure.

2 Innisks had a quiet period.


Exercise Massa, tank and infantry cooperation.

2 Innisks – BORGO.

0215 A house at 365348 was occupied by the left coy as a section position, owing to previous position being too crowded for two sections.

0230 Bosche were heard running removing tiles at house MR 365347, they were engaged with PIAT and hits observed.

0330 The house at 364348 was hit by a Bazooka from the factory in Cotignola. No casualties were caused and damage to the house was slight. Factory engaged by our own 3” mortars. There was spasmodic activity by 5 cm mortars and rifles grenades, during the night, this being replied to by our PIATs, 2” mortars and grenades.

0800 Several targets were registered for harassing purposes by Bren, Mortars 2″ and 3” and PIAT. Direct hits were observed on the targets and a fire was started in an enemy occupied house.

0900 The CO paid his usual routine visit to coys.

0915 2 Innisks ‘I’ Summary No 11 issued.

1200 Brigade Commander of 11 Brigade called to discuss operations with the CO.

1320 Two 8.1 cm mortar bombs in D Coy’s left platoon area. No casualties.

Intentions night 3/4th April 45:

2300 hrs – Contact Patrol from RWK to right coy.

0240 hrs – Contact Patrol from right coy to RWK.

Normal artillery and mortar harassing fore.

1405 Two men were injured in B Coy by a 22 mortar bomb hitting a tree, above their firing position.

1415 Six direct hits with PIAT were scored on an enemy cookhouse at 360347.

1430 B Coy were spasmodically mortared by 5 cm bombs until 1600 hrs.

1530 A message from brigade was received to say that high flying aircraft have been over the whole Army area during the last two days and it is thought that they may be taking photographs. Therefore, all camouflage efforts are to be intensified.

1700 Path cleared to right platoon through a suspected battlefield and taped.

1715 The CO visits coy positions.

1835 Own aircraft dropped ‘Safe Conduct’ passes in bttn area.

1845 25 enemy mortar bombs fall in A Coy’s area 365346.

1955 B Coy reports firing from right hand coy of East Surreys. East Surrey questioned and report everything ok.

2040 Three 210 mm shells fell near house at 368345 occupied by MMG section.

2230 The CM located the mortar, which was firing on A Coy at 362258. Artillery engaged the target.

2315 A Coy still being harassed by three mortars and CRA fired Regt on 358357 area and section of MMGs harassing the same area. Light mortar and grenade duels were on an increasing scale during the night.


0900 E and F Coys practise boat drill and river crossings in Training Area Q (Squares 4227 and 4226).

1300 CO and IO left on forward recce of 2 Innisks area. Warning Order given that bttn would relieve 2 Innisks in the Senio line on night 5 April.

1400 G and H Coys practise boat drill and river crossings.

1800 CO’s ‘O’ Group on forthcoming relief.

4th April

Brigade HQ – FORLI 432171.


1 RIrF carry out Exercise Hosannah.

2 LIR are to relieve 2 Innisks on 5 April.

Preliminary recces of area carried out by 2 LIR.


Exercise Hosannah. Kangaroo borne infantry supporting tanks. Some confusion in command was cleared up in discussion at conclusion.

2 Innisks – BORGO.

0005 A Coy still harassed by enemy mortars. Field Regiment stonking area assisted by 3” Mortars and 5.5 Mediums.

0345 Call from B Coy for stretcher jeep. Lt PJM Foort wounded by enemy grenade.

DF fired on Green House by 3” Mortar.

1000 The CO made his routine visit to coys.

1300 A Coy report two casualties in right forward platoon by an AP shell, believed fired from own tank much further west.

Intentions night 4/5th April 45:

2230 hrs – Contact Patrol to RWK.

0200 hrs – Contact Patrol from RWK to right coy.

Normal harassing fire using all weapons.

1400 Enemy movement seen in house at 363342 after our own sniper had shot at the window.

This was believed to be an effort to make our sniper shoot again and disclose his position. 3” Mortars engaged instead.

1650 Enemy mortaring of D Coy area caused two casualties, one killed and one wounded.

2000 B Coy’s forward section being harassed by 8.1 mm mortar. Unable to get bearing.

2010 D Coy report MMG firing low and hitting forward position. Kensingtons informed.

2030 A Coy report right forward platoon mortared. No damage or casualties.

2125 A Coy report right forward platoon mortared. No damage or casualties.

2240 B Coy report approximately thirty 8.1 mm mortar bombs in their area between 2030 and 2230 hrs.

2245 2 Innisks Movement Order issued No 3.

2345 A Coy right hand platoon report tracked vehicles moving from 362359 towards Cotignola.

3” Mortars engaged area.

2355 A Coy report sixteen 5 cm mortar bombs in area of right forward platoon. No casualties or damage.


0900 MO’s lecture to coys on the dangers of malaria in forthcoming operations in the Po Valley.

1100 CO  and IO proceed on recce of forward area.

1700 CO’s conference on move forward.

5th April

Brigade HQ – FORLI 432171.

1000 Army Commander hold a Welfare Conference in Esperia Cinema, Forli. Brigade Commander and COs attended.

1200 Relief of 2 Innisks by 2 LIR cancelled. 2 LIR to remain in Forli and 2 Innisks will be relieved night 7/8 April by 56 Recce.


5th to 8th April – Nothing to Report.

2 Innisks – BORGO.

0020 A Coy report mortaring on right forward left hand platoon, intermittently two rounds at a time, over a period of 2 hours. No casualties.

0055 A Coy report mortaring on right hand platoon. CMO informed.

0115 A Coy right platoon report movement on our side of the floodbank.

Platoon ‘Standing To’ 3” mortars fired on DFs 1 and 8. Gunners warned for DFs B1 and B2.

0120 B Coy report on fire opposite 10 Platoon on the far side of Cotignola.

0135 A Coy right forward platoon report mortaring on platoon area and the CWO was soon dealing with this. No further movement was seen by this platoon on the floodbank.

0240 B Coy right forward platoon reported on SP gun, firing from area 363352 and our own artillery engaged the area.

0330 D Coy right forward platoon reported on SP gun moving about in area 363352. Artillery engage area.

0335 Right MMG section reported Nebelwerfer firing on a bearing of 285 degree magnetic. CMO informed.

0445 A and D Coys report heavy mortaring on their fronts. CMO informed. Mortaring continued until 0505 hrs.

0500 D Coy report enemy SP gun that was firing from approximately 36353, stopped firing after artillery stonk at 0245 hrs.

A Coy report their coy area being shelled by a gun. Artillery engaging.

0555 Bttn ‘Standing To’ (Normal). The bttn was consistently mortared and shelled throughout the night, on a scale greater than normal.

0700 Right platoon of A Coy engaged in a grenade duel on own floodbank. Artillery target B1 fired.

0830 A Coy set fire to enemy house across river in front of right platoon.

1120 NAAFI van arrived at ‘Admin House’. Permission refused to move forward (this van had arrived by mistake. It was intended for a unit further back).

1210 A Coy report six 5 cm mortars on right forward platoon. Lines were cut.

1245 Notice was received from Brigade HQ that tonight’s relief will not take place, the reason being that as the brigade was being relieved two days later, it was not worthwhile.

1530 D Coy mortared by 5 cm mortar. Artillery and 3” mortars returned the fire.

All were informed that in future AMLC to UK would not require stamps (Bttn Order No 47).

1945 Bttn ‘Standing To’ (Normal). Z Section intercepted a message that the enemy intended to raid somewhere tonight. Signal 2 Green and two Blue verey lights for the commencement. Area of raid unknown.

2220 Two Red, two Green and one White verey light seen on the left of the bttn.

2225 D Coy report four Red, four Green verey lights seen on left.

Enemy movement heard at 365352. No developments.

2230 Fire fight seen and heard well to left (it was later learned that a raid had been carried out on the NZ sector).


0900 Preparations for move forward. B Echelon to hold bttn billets in Forli.

1230 Bttn move cancelled.