War Diaries – 1st to 5th April 1944

1st April

Brigade HQ – CAIRA.

0200 Relief of III/4 RTT completed by 1 RIrF. Heavy mortaring in the Caira area, during the night and continued at intervals during the day. Slight mortaring and shelling of forward areas.

1200 Ten shells landed near bridge 860233. No damage.

1215 Five shells in Brigade HQ area. One OR wounded.

Brigade locations:

Brigade HQ 825247,

HQ 6 Innisks 832228. Coys at 829231, 834227, 835231.

HQ 2 LIR 837238. Coys at 832242, 829236, 837240.

HQ 1 RIrF 842245. Coys at 832250, 837252, 844249.

1800 Slight mortaring and shelling Brigade area 854257 during day.

2015 Local recce patrol from left coy 6 Innisks found American MG belts hung in trees to mark path to gap of wire. The belts and gap were rearranged. About the same time, a patrol from 2 LIR met enemy 20 strong in front of left coy. A grenade duel ensued and the enemy withdrew.

2300 Reserve coy 6 Innisks moves into forward area and takes up position 833225.

1 RIrF.

0005 A Coy in position Caira 8424.

0050 Battalion HQ opens at house 841245.

0100  C Coy in reserve position 847260.

0120 D Coy in position 831250.

0200 B Coy in position 840250.  Relief of III/$ RTT complete.

2100 Enemy MG fire to right front of B Coy. Jeep and mule trains forward from San Michele 9023.

Enemy HF. Routine patrols.

6 Innisks– MONTE CASTELLONE (G835230).

0200 A few enemy tried to infiltrate B Coy (left coy) positions but only one succeeded in getting close and threw grenades and was then scared off by TMG fire.

0500 CO visited forward companies – going forward to right forward coy where movement by day was not practicable.

1540 Enemy movement was observed near the summit of pt 593 (G836217).

1855 – 1930 Further activity was observed from the same area in the form of verey light parachute flares and also odd bursts of Schmeisser fire was heard.

2015 It was discovered that the enemy had been using discarded American M/G belts to mark a path leading to a gap in the wire defences in front of the left forward coy. These belts were removed and the wire rearranged.

2100 The troop of tanks in the valley (G837228) was taken over by crews from 12 RCTR (3 Rivers) and the original crews returned to their own unit.

2130 The bttn pioneers completed the laying of an A/Tk minefield at G836227.

2210 The 3” Mortars Bombs fired by our own mortars fell short in front of A Coy position – no casualties were caused.

D Coy arrived in the bttn area under Captain Griffiths from their reserve position at B Echelon – and were shown to their allotted area.


0030 Patrol Hugh in. NTR.

0405 H Coy’s line disconnected. Line party out.

0445 Patrol Titus in. NTR.

0505 Five shells in valley below Bttn HQ.

0510 Five shells in F Coy area.

0515-0550 Nineteen enemy shells in valley below Bttn HQ (fired from two guns, possibly 10.5cm). Probably 4.2” mortars at 843240.

0600 Brigade line reported disconnected.

Sitrep – Night 31 March/1 April. Night’s issues of rations, water and certain stores effected successfully and lift of previous night’s jettisoned stores by 20 additional mules got under way. Will continue additional process nightly to maximum pressure but doubtful of this will prove adequate to get reserves of all classes in position by end of night 2/3 April. Patrols Hugh and Joe NTR. At approx 2215hrs, Patrol Timothy made contact with enemy patrol 30 strong and succeeded in passing information back to Coy HQ. Enemy then engaged with 3” mortars and dispersed. Whole of that coy front then covered by additional patrols and rest of night NTR. Visibility very foggy. Enemy shelling at 2300hrs (2 shells), 2350 (2 shells), 0200 (2 shells) and 0505-0530 (30 shells). No casualties in forward area . One OR wounded area 1 RIrF HQ. At 0520, enemy shelling area rear platoon right forward coy

0605 Shell rep from F Coy – 15 HE in coy area from enemy 5 cm mortars. Bearing 265 degrees magnetic. From 0510-0520hrs.

0610 Three enemy shells in valley below Bttn HQ.

0645 One enemy shell in valley below Bttn HQ.

0720 Intentions for night 1/2 April- Effect daily maintenance by mule convoy. Continue placing reserves of all classes in all forward area to maximum of mule lift.


Right – recce patrols 1 NCO and 3 (E Coy) to area 828245. Tom 1915 -2300hrs. Dick to repeat at 2315-0300. Harry to repeat at 0315-0445. Task – to give warning of any enemy attempt to interpose between ourselves and 1 RIrF .

Centre – recce patrols, 1 NCO and three to area of saddle between E and H Coys. Cain (H Coy)1930-0015. Abel (E Coy) 0030-0400. Task – to give warning of any enemy attempts to intersperse between E and H Coys.

Left – recce patrols, 1 NCO and 3 to area 826235. Mathew 1915 – 2300. Mark to repeat at 2315-0300. Luke to repeat at 0315 – 0445. Task – to give warning of any enemy attempt to interpose between ourselves and 6 Innisks.

Special light signal – for tonight, one green verey will bring special 3” mortar DFs. All informed.

0810 Sgt Jones of Mortar Platoon reports that his detachment in gully leading up to E Coy saw party of 8 men crossing the skyline above their positions at 0245hrs. E Company commander was informed.

0815 No rations to 8 men of Mortar Platoon in E Coy’s area. F Coy supplying today. E contacted and asked to rectify.

1025 One shell in valley below Bttn HQ.

1050 Three shells in valley below Bttn HQ.

1100 Lieut Daly left D Support Group for Bttn HQ.

1120 Three shells in valley – 2 shells in F Coy’s area.

1500 Shellrep from E Coy: 1335-1500 hrs. Observed from 831243.

Area shelled 832245. 1 gun. 19 single shells from 330 degree magazine.

Password wef 1400: Challenge – Bread. Answer – Butter.

1530 Nothing further to 0700hrs. Sitrep except intermittent shelling of area 833245 during afternoon. No damage. No casualties. Shelldrake Infantry.

1715 RSM Girvan in charge of loading of mules to clear up bttn stores in area of Caira. 50 mules with Italian muleteers.

1715 CO and Battle Patrol visit H Company to see dispositions and learn lie of ground in that area.

1915 Patrols Tom and Matthew out.

1930 Patrol Cain out.

2130 Mule train arrives at Caira and is met by coy guides.

2300 Mule train for HQ Coy arrives at Bttn HQ.

2315 Patrols Dick and Mark out.

Died on this Day:

Rifleman Harold Wasley, London Irish Rifles.

2nd April

Brigade HQ – CAIRA (G 825246).

All further patrols during the night had nothing to report. Caira had some slight shelling during night.

1200 Increased artillery activity. Hundred shells in Caira up to 1700hrs. One hundred and fifty shells in Brigade HQ area from 0445 – 1730 hrs.

2100 Divisional Commander visits Brigade Commander at Brigade HQ.

Patrols during night met no enemy. Slight mortaring of forward positions.

1 RIrF.

0442 Enemy MG fire in hills opposite B Coy.

2040 Enemy MG fire in front of B Coy.

Enemy HF. Routine patrols.

Read Lawrie Franklyn-Vaile’s letters.

6 Innisks – MONTE CASTELLONE (G835230).

During the night, coy positions were changed and slightly modified – all changes being completed by 0420hrs. The positions were now C Coy right forward, B Coy centre, A Coy left forward, D Coy in reserve.

0010 B Coy patrol returned – no contact being made with the enemy.

0300 All watches were advanced by one hour.

0710 Bttn OP reported two enemy moving in the vicinity of Phantom House (G829226).

1945 Enemy mortared our own 3” Mortar positions but caused no casualties or damage.

2320-2340 C and D Coys’ local patrols returned without having seen or heard any sign of the enemy.


0030 Patrol Abel out.

0315 Patrols Harry and Luke out.

0700 Sitrep: 1030hrs – Patrol Tom fired on from area 828246 when approaching objective 828245. Left forward coy called for requisition DF 22 at 2202 hrs. Brought down at 2210 hrs. Patrol Cain reports enemy patrol 20 strong forward of Pt 724.

Exchange of grenades. Enemy then made off toward right forward company. Right forward company warned but further NTR.

0425 Patrol Dick saw light in valley immediately in front of patrol base. Answered by light on hill on enemy side. Bearing on enemy MG 42 of 310° and mortar of 40° reported. Engaged by Tac support and own 3” mortars. On engaging, MG 42 flares went up from that area. Answered with 20 bombs from Tac Support. 0530 – Patrol Harry reported in and confirmed foregoing. 0545 – Patrol Abel in NTR. Usual nightly maintenance carried out. 0635 – sound bearing on gun firing on Caira approx 356° .

0825 Intentions night 2/3 April: Carry out internal relief of right forward and reserve coys. Start laying AP minefield in saddle area 830239. Patrol Tummy – Battle Patrol to area 828245. Task – to cover relief of right forward company. – 2015 – 0400 hrs. Patrol Webb – 1 Officer and 10 ORs. Task – to lie up in area 829232 to cover mine laying 2015 -0400 hrs. Recce patrols – Tea (2030-2330), Mile (2330 – 0230), Sugar (0230 – 0500). Strength – 1 Officer and 3 ORs. Task – to area 829238 to give warning of enemy approach. One Green verey light for supporting 3” mortar DF for all patrols.

H Coy to supply patrols Webb, Tea, Sugar and Milk.

1400 Enemy air bursts (ranging shells) over road 863238 and hill Fucciata.

1405-1415 Three or four enemy guns, firing singly at 30 second intervals, shelling areas (1) 841245 – sound bearing 320°. (2) Road 851236 – 7, sound bearing 290°. (3) Hill 8523 – sound bearing 240°. Bearings taken from Bttn HQ.

1420–1700 Enemy guns change target areas. ADS from 320° – north slopes of hill 851237 and 847243 – road 862236 – Ken’s mortars in valley 840238.

Shelling continues – from sound bearing 240° magnetic (probably 2 guns) – on track 863235, 863233 in valley below Bttn HQ and ADS. Air burst over road 862236. From sound bearing 290° on hill 2523 and ADS. From sound bearings 320° and 330° on track 859234. Artillery inf. All battalions from Bttn HQ.

1700 Sitrep: 0755 – 3 shells in F Coy area. No casualties.

1400-1700 – enemy shelling and mortaring areas Caira, ADS and B Support HQ. Mortaring 841244. Hit between main buildings and outhouses of ADS. Sound bearing of 285° from 837241. Otherwise NTR from 0700 hrs.

1745–1815 Enemy shelling area of road 844243–4, 844240, area of B Support Group and valley below Btttn HQ.

1806 One OR wounded by shrapnel in H Coy area.

1816 Two shells area B Support Group. Sound bearing – 170° from 837238.

1818 Three shells area 845242. One per minute.

1825 Enemy shelling of ADS. Sound bearing – 285° from 837241.

1920 E Coy ‘bracketed’ by enemy shelling.

1935 E Coy’s signal line broken by shellfire. 14-16 shells – 2 duds. Direct hit on E Coy HQ by 17cm shell. No casualties.

2003 Three shells to left of Brigade HQ.

2225 E Coy report on gun flash on bearing of 290°. Eight seconds between flash and sound.

2310 Major Phillips and Lieut St Maur-Shiel arrive at Bttn HQ.

2330 F Coy relief of E Coy completed.

Map reference 789251 reported to Tac 17 Field Regiment as likely enemy gun position.

3rd April

Brigade HQ – CAIRA (G 825246).

Day generally quiet. Mortaring and shelling of forward positions during day.

Caira and areas G 841245 and G 837252 received most attention.

Patrols during night made no contact with enemy but 2 LIR patrol found a dead German at G 827232 from 1 Coy 211 CR. The presence of this regiment is discounted on the brigade front, though the corpse had only been dead a couple of days, believed to have killed in the patrol clash on Monte Castellone two days ago. Enemy movement was seen at G 836215 and engaged by own mortars.

1 RIrF.

Enemy HF. Routine patrols.

6 Innisks – MONTE CASTELLONE (G835230).

0100 Bttn MGs were changed over – two guns from reserve positions changing with the two in right front coy area.

0130 D Coy patrol returned – no contact being made.

0415 3” Mortars began harassing fire task – which was firing at intervals for 25 minutes on the saddle at G828228 and Phantom House G829226.

0550 Patrol to Saddle at 828228 returned and reported finding an enemy standing patrol on Saddle 827228 – 3” mortar fire was brought down on this area as a result of this information.

0600 D Coy patrol returned without contacting the enemy.

Spasmodic mortaring of forward positions occurred during the day but not damage or casualties were caused.

OP reported a suspected enemy mortar position at G822228.

1945 Six enemy were observed on pt593 (G836215) and our left flanking bttn (5 Northamptons), in whose area it was, were informed.

2030 Enemy mortar bombs fell in bttn area and, in retaliation, our MGs fired on Phantom Ridge where an enemy OP was suspected to be. 4.2” mortars also fired on the same area.

2115 The A/Tk minefield at 836227 was extended to cover a possible gap.

2145 Enemy shelled the bttn area and Shellrep was rendered to 17 Field Regiment.

2230 C Coy patrol to G828227 returned without having encountered the enemy.

2250–2330 Enemy mortared area G837228.

During the day, the second in command Major Maxwell made arrangements for some of the food for forward coys to be cooked in A Echelon and sent forward in suitable containers, in order to overcome the difficulty of cooking in the forward areas.


0129 Three shells on road and ADS.

0133 Seven shells on road and ADS.

0155–0600 Enemy shells pass over area of Bttn HQ at following times:

0150 (3), 0242 (3), 0315 (1), 0336 (4 – 3 duds), 0338 (2), 0400 (1), 0505 (2), 0600 (4).

0315 Brigade line disconnected.

0450 Patrol Tommy in. Reports movement in area 828247 (not thought to be enemy).

0600 Sitrep: Patrols NTR. Minefield not yet complete. No enemy shelling in bttn area last night.

0920 Intentions. Night 3/4 April. Reliefs. G Coy to occupy E Coy position when relief completed. E Coy will withdraw to B Echelon. Continue laying AP mines in area 830239. Effect daily maintenance and build up reserves in forward areas.

Patrols–Recce patrols PIP (1930-1045), Squeak (1045-0200) and Wilfred (0200-0515). Objective–828245. Route out–alternately from right forward, rear and left forward plus F Coy. F Coy to supply. Task–to give warning of enemy approach. Ambush patrol Popeye (2030-0400)–one Officer and 10 ORs. Objective– 828239. Route out and in–from left forward and F Coy. F Coy to find. Task–to protect mine laying.

Ambush patrols–H Coy. Each 1 Officer and 10 men. Buck (2015–0030) and Ryan (0030-0500) . Objective–827233. Route out and in–through H Coy’s FDL. Task–ambush enemy attempting to penetrate left outer Bttn area.

1130 One enemy shell in E Coy area.

1215 Three shells on Hill 446.

1600 Four shells on Fucciata behind MDS.

1630 Four shells at 847237 and mortar bombs at 827232.

1650 Four shells (possibly 15 cm) on road between 846238 and 849237 (small explosions and fire on side of road followed for 10 minutes).

1730 Sitrep: Slight mortaring of areas 837241 and 832242 during afternoon. No damage or casualties. One day’s reserve rations now held in forward areas.

2130 Enemy shelling Cavendish Road.

2315 F Coy report suspected German OP at 804264.

4th April

Brigade HQ – CAIRA (G 825246).

Day generally quiet. Spasmodic mortaring and shelling of brigade area during day. Brigade HQ slightly shelled. No casualties. Standing patrol out in front of pt706 came in at last light reporting enemy use of tracks in front of 6 Innisks positions, two mortar positions and stated he heard a tracked vehicle going along the tracks in front of 6 Innisks’ forward positions. Recce patrols during night to give warning of enemy approach go out at first light.

1 RIrF.

0300 Enemy MG fire in front of B Coy.  Continued intermittently. No evident reason.

1200 Received 38 Brigade OO N. 32 (Defence of Brigade sector).

Enemy HF. Routine patrols.

6 Innisks – MONTE CASTELLONE (G835230).

0200 D Coy patrol returned – no contract made.

0210 B Coy patrol also did not make contact with enemy.

0330–1730 Enemy shelled and mortared the bttn area at intervals during the day causing no casualties and the only damage being a box of mortar bomb secondary charges which was set on fire.

2015 The patrol of two (Lieut Walker MM and one fusilier), which had been lying up all day in the Saddle G 828238 returned and reported – (1)That the enemy had a cookhouse in the area G826229 and that enemy movement was observed on track between Phantom Ridge and San Angelo. (2) The enemy had mortar positions alongside the same track. (3) Tracked vehicles were heard moving along track at 2000 hrs. (4) The enemy Standing Patrol in Saddle G828238 were heard leaving at 0630hrs.

2025 The Battle Patrol, which had been waiting for this information left Phantom Ridge but were unable to reach their objective owing to their meeting on enemy patrol strength and returned at 2330 hrs.

2345 D Coy patrol returned without having seen the enemy.


0030 Patrol Pip reports noise of digging and voice half way up Monte Caira.

0135 E Coy reports 8 Platoon relieved. Relief of 7 Platoon in progress.

0140 Lines to brigade and 1 RIrF broken. 1 RIrF line ordered to be repaired – contact with brigade to be made that way.

Rear link open during break.

0210 Relief of E Coy completed.

0315 Line to 1 RIrF now repaired.

0350 Patrol Squeak reports 825245 as possible reference point of sounds and movement reported by Patrol Pip. Mortar Support informed. Patrol Wilfred asked to confirm.

0430 Three shells from bearing 270° magnetic.

0515 Brigade lines now ok.

0525 Patrol Wilfred in. Confirmed sounds reported by Squeak. Sounds ceased at 0420.

0530 Two red flares and a grenade from area of 1 RIrF.

0535 2” Mortars engaging area 825245.

0550 Enemy mortar fire on F Coy forward slopes from bearing 260°.

0615 F Coy report fire in gully towards Monte Caira caused by counter battery area.

0745 Body of German soldier found in front of area of H Coy’s left forward platoon. Evidently killed by grenade exchange a few nights ago.

0815 Five shells (dud) in area of mule harbour.

0830-0930 Enemy shelling along valley and gully. About 20 shells at Pts 840248, 841247, 841243 and area Pt 754 (830243).

0930 Enemy mortars (probably 3 barrelled mortar) firing from approximately sound bearing 240° into gully 840248.

Intentions night 4/5 April: Continue laying mines in area 830239. Effect normal maintenance.

Patrols – Apple (2000-0015) and Sammy (0015-0500) from F Coy. One officer and 10 Ors; Objective – 827244. Route – out through left forward coy, in through centre and reverse.

Ambush patrol Topsy (2015-0400) by Battle Patrol. Objective – 826238. Route – out and in through right forward platoon.

Ambush patrols Peter (2015-0030) and Piper (0030-0500) from H Coy. Objective – 827234. Route  – out and in  through left of left forward coy. Task of all patrols (less recce) – ambush all enemy moving in the immediate area of patrols.

1315 F Coy report slight mortaring of coy area by four enemy mortars 1245-1300 hrs . No casualties.

1630 Dead German (reported at 0745 hrs) identified as belonging to 211 Grenadier Regiment, 71 Infantry Division. Identity and pay book sent to brigade.

1745 Two shells on 4.2” mortars. No casualties.

1750 Slight enemy shelling 3” mortar position and right forward company. No casualties.

1820 Fourteen shells in and around bttn area. Sixteen shells in H Coy area – sound bearing approximately 260° from 829239 – including seven duds. F Coy report sound bearing 250° from 830242 – 18 seconds between gun explosion and shell explosion.

1955 Sgt Major Long H Coy hit in jaw by shrapnel. Slight wound, will return to coy in morning.

2130 Lieut Seymour and Lieut Lovatt report at Bttn HQ.

2240 E Coy report 4 casualties and H Coy 3 casualties from shelling.

2255 Light seen on Monte Caira. Bearing 320/5° from 829240.

5th April

Brigade HQ – CAIRA (G 825246).

0700 Sitrep – 6 Innisks’ patrols nothing to report. 2 LIR saw nothing. An enemy patrol approach an ambush patrol at 828247 from 1 RIrF. Enemy engaged by SA fire withdrew. Slight shelling and mortaring of forward positions during night.

0800 Very heavy shelling of Caira and cross roads 847248 has been going on since dawn.

This shelling continued for most of the day and slight mortaring of forward positions on brigade front was reported.

Enemy mortars engaged during day successfully.

1400 OP on Mt Cairo 804204 shelled by mediums.

Intentions during night to send out local recces and ambush patrol. Main task to give warning of enemy approach.

1730 Enemy shelling of track G 846246.

1 RIrF.

0200 Enemy patrol about 12 strong approached forward platoon D Coy.  Exchange of SA fire.

0240 Arty fire on withdrawing enemy.  No ascertained casualties.

0255 Enemy withdrawing.

0900 28 Brigade (on right) request move of C Coy from their area.  New reserve area recced 835264.

1945 C Coy move into new area.

2030 Bursts of enemy MG opposite B Coy.  Located by cross-bearings from B and D Coys at about 828258

Enemy HF. Routine patrols.

Read Lawrie Franklyn-Vaile’s letters.


0245 B Coy patrol returns – no contact having been made. The remainder of the night was comparatively quiet.

0900 The Pioneer Platoon commenced to clean up bttn area of tins and rubbish left by previous units and to cover the bodies of mules with lime.

0930 Enemy movement was seen at Phantom House and mortar fire was put down on the position after which no further movement was seen.

A Coy was issued with clean sets of underclothes and shirts, the discarded clothing being returned for washing so that they could be passed onto another coy.

1115-1130 D Coy was mortared, but no casualties caused.

1900 Coys reliefs commences – A Coy to relieve D Coy – D Coy to relieve B Coy and B Coy to go into reserve positions.

During the early hours of the night, there was much activity in the Cassino direction  and C and D Coy mortared. Two muleteers were wounded while taking rations to C Coy.

2020 C Coy patrol returned after having contacted the enemy, who engaged the patrol with grenades and mortar bombs. Killing 1 OR. The patrol withdrew to allow enemy to be engaged with mortar fire.

During the day, CQMS McQuaid (HQ Coy) had received his last batch of socks, which had been washed by a local Italian. The satisfactory payment was only agreed on after a lengthy discussion. Three hundred and fifty cakes, which had been baked at A Echelon were brought up with the rations. A BBC recording unit operating on the mule track leading to the bttn gave Captain Dicker and one of the Jeep drivers the opportunity to say a few words to be broadcast at a future date.

Died on this Day:

Fusilier James Douglass, Royal Inniskilling Fusiliers.


0005 Patrol Apple in. Nothing to report.

0200 1 RIrF report patrol shooting. F Coy informed.

0206 IO RIrF informs us re shooting of DF 12. OK given. F Coy informed.

0220 Four shells, direction of G Coy.

0225 Patrol Topsy in. Nothing to report.

0230 F Coy report mortaring on 830242. One wounded. Counter mortar officer asked for Shamrock.

0245 Pioneers report one leg of AP minefield at 830239 completed – 108 mines.

0250 MMG Platoon report enemy MG firing from 3° right, 2° below top of Monte Caira – observed from 829244.

0300 IO of 1 RIrF reports that, at 0200hrs, Patrol Greedy encountered Bosche. Both sides opened up. Bosche withdrew roughly to DF 12 and latter fired.

0305 Enemy gun firing on flash bearing 250° from 827244.

0600 Sitrep: Slight evening shelling and mortaring of area. Sixteen shells in area 829239. One OR slightly wounded. Mortar bombs in area 830242. One OR wounded. Half a minefield at 830239 now completed. Patrol Sammy heard enemy movement (5 or 6 men) area 825244. Other patrols nothing to report. Daily maintenance ok, Building up of reserves affected by the fact that muleteers dumped stores halfway up hill and refused to go any further. Another day’s hard rations got forward – two now held.

0835 Intentions night 5/6 April: Continue laying of minefield. Continue to build up reserves in forward area. Patrols – Ambush patrols Toffee (2030-0015) and Apple (0015-0530) – F Coy. Strength – one officer and nine ORs. Objective – 827245. Task – prevent infiltration between 2 LIR and 1 RIrF. Ambush Patrol Duggy (2000-0300) – Battle Patrol. Objective – 827239. Task – protect laying of minefield. Route – out and in through right platoon of left forward coy. Listening posts Swan (2030-0045) and Edgar (0045-0530) – H Coy. Strength  – 1 NCO and 3 ORs. Objective – 827237. Task – to give warning of enemy approach. Listening Patrol (last light and first light) – G Coy. Strength 1 NCO and 2 ORs. Objective – 834245.

1300 G Coy ask for all rations less 1 section to be sent to forward position. Mule point warned.

1410 All coys advised to send three guides to G Coy HQ and all available mule ropes.

1540 Four rounds from 88mm on Lieut-Coles’ platoon F Coy. Sound bearing – 270° from 830242. Passed to Sheldrake.

1730 Sitrep: Nightly maintenance ok. Patrol Sammy heard slight movement in area 825244. Slight shelling and mortaring of bttn area.Two ORs wounded.

1740 Four enemy shells in H Coy area.

2115 F Coy report 2 enemy mortars in area 821252. Bearing of 325° from 830242. Possible source of harassing fire on right forward company.

2140 Mortar fire from 829244. Passed to Sheldrake.

2205 F Coy report mortar fire from 829237 – bearing of flash 320°. H Coy report mortar fire from 826237 – bearing of flash 323°.

2206 Map ref code compromised.

2300 Lieut White MC left Bttn HQ for B Echelon.

67203 T/Major HEN Bredin MC (RUR) posted to command 6 Innisks wef 16/3/44.

P/66183 T/Major JH Coldwell-Horsfall MC (RIrF) posted to bttn wef 16/3/44. Assumed duties as second in command.

Died on this Day:

Corporal Henry Wyatt, London Irish Rifles.