War Diaries – 5th April 1943

Brigade HQ

0630 38 (Irish) Infantry Brigade OO No 15 was issued.

1000 5 Sherwood Foresters came under command 38 Brigade by orders of 46 Division.

1700 Divisional Commander visited Brigade HQ and discussed final details.

1800 An Arab who had helped to bring in a Sgt of 6 Innisks, wounded by S Mines while on patrol, was brought to Brigade HQ and then taken by IO and Captain Bradley, 6 Innisks to FSP 46 Division at Beja for interrogation. He gave certain information, which was immediately forwarded to 36 Brigade and 6 Innisks, but was young and not entirely reliable.

1900 Brigade HQ moved to Farm Bordj  325359 and arrived at 2000hrs. 78 Division OO No 7 was received.

2100 First Army Intelligence Instruction No 2 “Control of Civilians” issued”

1 RIrF.

0100 Battalion arrived in new area. Move had been carried out without incident.

Orders and preparations for impending operation.

1600 Mules arrived.

1800 Bttn move by march route to lying up area 390375.

2200 Bttns in new area, move having been carried out without incident. Rations and ammunition brought up by mule.

6 Innisks – IN THE FIELD.

0730 Fighting patrol returned and reported having run into enemy booby trap (teller mine with booby trap) J3941. Lieut Beeching and 2 ORs were killed and 3 ORs wounded.

Throughout the day, Coys took reps to vantage points to view ground to SP on Mahdi

1000 O Group conference. Battalion to move off for night march to assembly area at 2130hrs. No transport can be taken.  Battalion is allotted 65 mules. Assembly area J383398. Route cross country via Third Farm 376380. Pioneer platoon to go forward to prepare crossing over gully MR J 387395 and route to be picketed by intelligence section.

1900 Brigadier arrived to see CO.

2130 Battalion moved off in following order – C, Bttn HQ, A, D, B.  B Coy carrying Bttn tools.