War Diaries – 3rd April 1943

Brigade HQ – BEJA.

Information was received that Cap Serrat had been occupied by our own troops. During the day, enemy indulged in slight shelling on the Brigade front.

0245 Orders were received from 78 Division that Squadron 56 Recce would relieve B Squadron 46 Recce night 2/3 April.

1430 Brigade Commander, Brigade Major, Staff Captain, Signals Office and Intelligence Officer with Commander and 2nd in Commands of Battalions attended a cloth model and conference at Divisional HQ. All Commanders gave an outline of their plan for the attack on their own sector of the high ground north of Medjez and BGS 5 Corps gave information of the wider picture.

1800 Conference to discuss future operations was held at Brigade HQ.

1 RIrF – BEJA.

A quiet day. Training continued.

1430 CO and 2nd in commands went to cloth model conference at Division.

1800 CO to conference at Brigade.

6 Innisks – IN THE FIELD.

0030  Coy Sitreps all normal. Oued Zarga had nothing to report.

0630 Patrols No 161/3 arrived back.

0945 Brigadier Russell arrived together Artillery Brigadier to recce area suitable for Brigade OP. Another quiet day with very little to report.

1145 Enemy put six shells on area between A and D Coys’ positions.

1400 IO and Coy Commanders recce area to the north of Plateau Farm.

Battle course training under Captain Kerr for HQ platoons.

1615/1700 Patrols 165/166 go to Plateau Farm. Patrol 164 to Quarry Farm. 165 to Avenue Farm.

2 LIR.

0800 Battalion Scheme “Magnet”.