Brigade HQ – BEJA.

Commander 102 Field Regiment  and 46 Recce Regiment and Major General Miller MCA 18 Army Group visited this HQ. The latter had interesting news of the Eighth Army’s progress and of our growing air power in Tunisia. He considered an estimate of the third week in May, as likely to see the end of the campaign to be pessimistic.

1030 Captain Worrall SD officer belonging to Recce Corps came to give any available information regarding the Oued Zarga sector of the front.

1330 A/Q 78 Division visited this HQ to discuss the Q problems of the forthcoming battles.

Intelligence Summary was issued.

During the day, a little movement was seen,

1 RIrF – BEJA.

0600 CO took Coy Commanders over field firing range.

0900 CO carried out recce for impending operations.

A quiet day. Mines and mine clearance programme continued. FD : firing carried out by A Coy.

2/Lt AM Smith and Lt Brown joined the Battalion. Captain JHA Monnsell admitted to hospital.

6 Innisks – IN THE FIELD.

0530 Stand To. Sitreps all normal.

Daylight recce patrol of ground immediately north of Plateau Farm by IO (Captain Hanna). Previous night’s patrols – 156/159.

1630 3 officers and 8 OR reinforcements arrive. The battalion was pleased to welcome back Lieut EBS Hewitt, who was wounded when A Coy attacked pt 286 (Bou Arada). Other officers – Lieuts WS Pollard and PGP Mahoney. The unit is now only five officers below establishment.

1930 Patrol No 160 to Oued Bounded. 161 – to 392407.  162 – pt 355 (415436). 163 – to ascertain if “Third Farm” is occupied.

2 LIR.

Lieutenant E  Condy (RUR) and Lieutenant HDN Webb-Bowen RUR joined the battalion.