0630 Sitrep sent by L/T through RA to Division:

“1 RIrF no contact. Protective dawn patrol nothing seen. Only night patrol was sent in front of pt 484. Other night patrols restricted owing to confused situation on left, Yesterday, about 1430, enemy attacks two seen in front of pt 484. Withdrew after hand to hand fighting with 5 PoWs. Position restored last night. 6 Innisks no contact. Recce patrol to 3rd bump pt 416 was followed by fighting patrol which established ambush this area but no contact. 3rd bump clear, but can see enemy moving about top and 2nd bump. 2 LIR patrol made contact with US troops 565479. Nothing to report. Left flank pt 341 and 315 occupied by enemy 1330. US artillery inflicted casualties and reoccupied by 1730. Also reported on pt 299.

0750 Division reported that Germans still held pt 202 and pt 160 and were reinforced last night by 6 lorry loads. Role of 38 Brigade now to wait.

1015 6 Innisks reported movement in wadis pt 543.

1115 1 RIrF reported US about to attack pt 356 and wondering how we can help. It was thought that we could give MG and mortar support, but could not occupy pt 443.

1130 Idea mooted that 6 Innisks should put a coy on pt 416 during the confusion, which would be caused by 2 LIR attack on Touilia.

1145 US troops to north were being attacked. 6 Innisks ordered to watch blind spots for 1 RIrF.

1215 US reported enemy (estimated one platoon) at pt 357 and fire coming from 587487 and 589489, but situation under control.

1345 Orders for moves night 29/30 April were issued. It had been decided to move 2 LIR to cover right flank in case enemy tried to capture Halfa or Tanngoucha and to take brigade command post towards that side.

1600 US positions on left flank were counter attacked. The enemy were repelled with losses from pts 315 and 299.

1900 Command post moved to 566463.

2 LIR moved to positions on Halfa.

1915 Rear Brigade sent information of a straggler of 10/756 captured by French CSM at Butler’s Hill with MG and four days’ rations. (There was not more than one straggler to be found in the hills – for example, a coy clerk 27 April, who was told “to bring three blankets as he was going to Canada”).


Protective dawn patrol. Nothing to report. A quiet day. Nothing to report. Lieut JB Broadbent joined.

6 Innisks – KEF EL SENACH.

Patrols established the fact that the ridge in front of our positions is unoccupied by the enemy but it is untenable by day except on the reverse slopes, the occupation of which there is justification for. The Goulach gully was formerly the main German supply route to the Tanngoucha position and there is ready evidence of occupation. An 81mm mortar and many bombs have been taken into use by the Bttn.

2 LIR.

11 Brigade to attack area Point 202 (6147). Battalion less G Company to move to area 5746/5846 into Brigade reserve in preparation for attack on Point 413/6149, 38 Brigade move to 569463.