Brigade HQ – CHAOUACH.

0800 Brigade IO interviewed Sergeant 56 Recce Regiment, who had been on night patrol to Heidous. With the help of air photos, information of MG posts were tabulated and taken by IO to 2 LIR.

1000 Brigade Commander attended Divisional Conference.

As a result of letter from 78 Division, Bttns were asked to give their opinion on the following points;

1) Range of 3” mortar can be increased if weight of bomb reduced to 7lbs. Is this recommended?

2) Is there a requirement for 3” mortar to be fired from carriers?

3) Is indirect fire equipment recommended with Vickers MG?

(The answer from Brigade was: 1) Not advisable to reduce weight of bomb. 2) No. 3) No).

PM. Howard Marshall and a Russian colonel visited this HQ. A Battalion Commander’s Conference was held at the CP.

Lieut HND Seymour, RUR was posted to Brigade HQ as LO.

Night the LIR harassing patrol was repeated and HF by forward and medium artillery put down on Heidous area.


A quiet day with very little sniping but severe mortaring on Company areas.

Major DR Le P Gethin and Lieut B Osborn wounded.

6 Innisks – DJEBEL ANG.

Captain Magginson arrived as reinforcement and is posted to B Coy at 2 in command.

Captain Hanna (IO) goes to hospital with tonsillitis. Lieut Hamilton is brought in to act as IO.

CO goes to Brigade and learns more about the future plan.

2 LIR.

0445 Enemy shelling and mortaring Kelbline.

1450 4 ranging shells and 4 high explosive on 537437.

1615 21 shells on Bettiour.

1800 12 shells on Bettiour over a period of half hour.

2100 Spasmodic shelling and mortaring of general area Bettiour.

The following night operations to discover enemy DF tasks on Heidous took place. Tine table of events

2100 Own artillery shell Heidous.

2122 Enemy artillery shell Heidous.

2322 Enemy light machine gun from Tanngoucha.

2125 Patrol went out.

2130 Enemy mortar and machine gun fire from Heidous.

2150 Our mortars lay smoke on Heidous.

2145 Four enemy shells on right of Bettiour from behind Tanngoucha.

2150 12 enemy shells in area of our mortar and MMG positions.

2215 3 enemy guns firing from behind Longstop (110 degree north) shelling area in front of Heidous.

2225 Spasmodic shelling in area in front of Heidous by one gun from behind Longstop.

2227 Corporal O’Brien propaganda speech.