Brigade HQ – OUED ZARGA.

0930 Commander and LO went to Divisional HQ

1535 Brigade OO No 19 was issued expressing the intention “38 (Irish) Brigade will relieve 11 Brigade in the Tanngoucha area.”

2030 Brigade HQ and 6 Innisks (for whom TCVs had been provided moved via Toukabeur to area Chaouach (5140).

2100 Arrived new location 522404.

Lieut GE Cole RUR was posted from 2 LIR to this HQ as LO.

Night 2 LIR moved up to relieve 2 Lancashire Fusiliers area Djebel Bettiour 5444. The position was fairly difficult to take over as 2 LF were repelling an enemy night attack. After this, however, the relief was accomplished.

1 RIrF attacked Djebel Ang (5445) and Tanngoucha.

They took objectives pt 668 (5445) and pt 622 (5645) and patrolled offensively to pt 620 (5645).

1 RIrF – 540443

Lieut WA Teed, Canadian Army, returned to the UK. Lieut WG Dunn joined the Bttn.

0500 Fairly heavy mortaring of Bttn area. Unobserved fire very scattered and inaccurate.

1400 CO and O Group called to a conference.

Bttn ordered to attack Djebel el Ang 5445, Djebel Tiour and pt 622 561456.

2045 Bttn formed up on the start line which was the west slope of Djebel el Ang. Some enemy was reported on the top. D Company was the forward left hand company with A Coy on the right. Command group with C Coy followed behind them. Bttn mules followed in rear. Bttn swept over Djebel el Ang and then swung right over a small saddle to approach Kel el Tiour from the north west. Bttn advanced, keeping well up to our own artillery barrage.While waiting for the barrage to lift, a few shells dropped short, with the result that Lieut PJ Slattery lost his life, and Captain DL Jefferies MC was wounded. Both these officers being in A Coy, Captain RLG Wood was ordered to take command of the company. The Bttn continued its otherwise successful advance and consolidated with A Coy at the end of the Kef at 555456, D Coy 557455, with one platoon on the reverse slope of pt 622. C Coy 553455 with one platoon on pt 659. B Coy and Bttn HQ at 551453. The Bttn was in position by 2330hrs. The mules arrived with ammunition, picks, shovels and companies began digging in.

The battalion’s account here.

Fusilier Henry Wise, Royal Irish Fusiliers.

Lieutenant Philip Slattery, Royal Irish Fusiliers.

6 Innisks – PLATEAU FARM.

1415 CO and 2 in command go to Brigade to get orders from move from Brigade Major.

1500 CO hold O Group conference. Bttn is to go into Brigade reserve area Chaouach J5140. Marching personnel to leave at 1900hrs by track junction: 445394 – 477410 – Toukabeur – Chaouach, only the minimum transport transport to go.

1845 Message received TCVs would report at 1900hrs to lift Bttn. Our own transport and TCVs to go by same route leaving at 1930hrs with Brigade transport in front of column. Route same as march route.

2030 As TCVs have not arrived, Brigade and own transport leave.

2110 TCVs arrive and Bttn now lined up along to Plateau Farm 387392.

2200 Bttn moves off in order Bttn HQ, A, B, C, D.

2300 Head of column arrives at de-bussing pt and marches about 2 miles to assembly area 522407.

2315 CO sees Brigadier at 11 Brigade HQ. Two coys are ordered to picket road leading to assembly area.

2 LIR.

Battalion to take over positions from 1 RIrF; F to move at 1730 hrs, E Company 532447 – F Company 548448 – G Company 536451 – H Company and Battalion HQ 546453.

1730 Battalion moves off – Order of march E, G, H, Battalion HQ F, 2 MMGs to E and G Companies – 2 carriers to E G & H Companies – 1 carrier each to Battalion HQ & F Company.

2000 Column mortared by enemy in area 543433

2015 H, F & Battalion HQ fired on by RIrF as they approached position.

2230 Battalion established on all positions.

2250 Battalion positions attacked by apparently 1 Company of Germans.

Lieutenant RG Wilkin attached to No-1 CRU.