War Diaries – 11th April 1943

Brigade HQ – BEJA.

1 RIrF and 6 Innisks were still in position and 1 RIrF sent coy to 420523.

0930 200 infantry sighted going north east. Not engaged in case own troops. But must have been enemy.

1000 Cannon fighter attacked 6 Innisk 4447.

1100 Letter received from 78 Division forwarding First Army sitrep, praising the work of the troops in the recent offensive.

1315 10 bombs near command post 420455.

1700 Brigade Commander went to Divisional HQ.

1730 Hurricanes attacked Depienne aerodrome.

1930 1 RIrF and 6 Innisks began to withdraw to reserve area 3939.

2330 Both Bttns reported to be in position.


0300 Patrol of 1 platoon from A Coy to 410376 and thence to take up defence position on pt 333 to prevent enemy using the roads running west to east. Patrol returned in the evening with nothing to report.

Some German equipment was found during the day, bit otherwise nothing of interest occurred.

2000 Bttn moved back to rest area between Plateau Farms in the gully 3839 on foot. The move was carried out without incident.

6 Innisks – MAHDI.

Transport bringing up blankets, greatcoats, food and water could not find the Bttn, who spend a very cold night.

0500 A/Tk guns, MMG and Mortars are sited and put into position at first light.

0830 LO arrived from Black Watch and gave their position as area 4649 with role of guarding about 35 Churchill tanks.

0900 CO, who went to Brigade about 0800, came back with Brigadier. We are ordered to stay where are with role of collecting any enemy moving east from drive being carried out by 4 Division, who were making for Sidi Nisr.

Coys found much enemy booty during the day include complete Coy stores of 100 pairs of boots, 100 shirts, underclothes and mosquito nets. IO and Signals Officer located two enemy cars (6 wheelers), which were later brought in. Orders were received to evacuate the farm after dark and return to area Plateau Farm and go into reserve. This Bttn to cover RIrF out, who are to…. at 1930hrs.

2045 Bttn had covered out the RIrF and marched the eight miles back in tight order. Small packs and platoon weapons (less one bren gun platoon) being put on vehicles.

During the day, the Bttn area was bombed and sustained 3 casualties (1 dead and two wounded).

2330 Bttn all in.

Fusilier Frank Westerman, Royal Inniskilling Fusiliers.