January 1945

During January 1945, the Irish Brigade continued with front line duties near San Clemente with two battalions forward and one at rest in Castel San Martino throughout the period. Early in the month, a Battle Patrol from 2 LIR had notable success in a raid on Casa Tamagnin, which had been much fought over during the previous few weeks. Despite the wintry conditions, nightly patrol activity continued for all three battalions.

With the respective Lines of Control relatively stable, an opportunity for home leave was given to some long serving men including Brigadier Pat Scott, who handed over temporary command to Lt Col Preston. In the middle of the month, Lt Col John Horsfall returned to the brigade but as he had not fully recovered from his injuries, he was immediately re-assigned to 78 Division HQ with Lt Col Murphy Palmer confirmed as Commanding Officer of the Faughs.

On 30th January, the Irish Brigade was eventually relieved from its forward positions by 36 Brigade, although 2 LIR remained in the line for a few further days under command of 11 Brigade. Men of the brigade could now look forward to several weeks of relaxation and training as they prepared for the next major offensive of the Italian campaign which was expected to be launched in the spring time.

Read 2 LIR’s account of the successful raid on Casa Tamagnin.

Read Pat Scott’s account of the Brigade’s continuing time in the mountains during January 1945.

Key Dates:

3rd January: 2 LIR successful raid on Casa Tamagnin.

12th January: Pat Scott goes on leave to UK, handing over command temporarily to Lt Col Preston.

29th January: The Faughs and Skins are relieved by 36 Brigade.

January 1945 Roll of Honour:

2nd January 1945 – Corporal James Woodward, Royal Inniskilling Fusiliers.

6th January 1945 – Rifleman Timothy O’Mara, London Irish Rifles.

6th January 1945 – Rifleman  Henry Jordan, London Irish Rifles.

6th January 1945 – Rifleman Joseph Foley, London Irish Rifles.

11th January 1945 – Rifleman Michael Foley, London Irish Rifles.

21st January 1945 – Fusilier Leslie Caves, Royal Irish Fusiliers.

26th January 1945 – Lance Sergeant Thomas Kidd, Royal Inniskilling Fusiliers.

January 1945 War Diaries: 

38 (Irish) Brigade.

2 Royal Inniskilling Fusiliers.

1 Royal Irish Fusiliers.

2 London Irish Rifles.

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