August 1944

During August 1944, the Irish Brigade continued with a much needed rest period in Egypt. At the start of the month, they were informed that their expected move to Palestine had been cancelled and, on 7th August, they moved from Qassassin to Sidi Bishr on the north-eastern outskirts of Alexandria.

On arrival at their new camp, 6 Innisks formally ceased to exist with many of the men being absorbed into 2 Innisks and the remainder being transferred to an Infantry Training Depot.

News came on the 11th August that men of the 78th Division had caused trouble in Cairo as a reaction to the bad treatment that had been meted out to them by local traders. These events came to be known as the “Cairo Riots”. After a stern warning, for the rest of the month, the men of the brigade continued with their leave allotments to Cairo and Alexandria.

By the end of the month, as news came of the start of 8th Army attacks on the Gothic Line in Northern Italy, it seemed clear that it would not be too long before the Irish Brigade would be called back to front line action.

Read Pat Scott’s narrative of the time spent near Alexandria during August 1944.

Read CQMS Edmund O’Sullivan’s account of his time at rest in Egypt.

Key Dates:

7th August: Brigade move from Qassassin to Sidi Bishr.

9th August: The formal final disbandment of 6 Innisks.

10th August: Disturbances in Cairo.

17th August: Advance parties from the brigade travel to Italy.

August 1944 Roll of Honour:

There were no Irish Brigade deaths reported in the month.

August 1944 War Diaries:

38 (Irish) Brigade.

6 Royal Inniskilling Fusiliers.

2 Royal Inniskilling Fusiliers.

1 Royal Irish Fusiliers.

2 London Irish Rifles.

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