Irish Brigade Films to complete final two parts in its documentary series

The Irish Brigade Films team flies to Italy on 4 July to carry out on-location filming for the final two parts of All My Brothers, a documentary series about 38 (Irish) Brigade in the Second World War.

The first six parts covered the Irish Brigade’s role in the campaigns in Tunisia, Sicily, along the Adriatic coast from Termoli to the Moro river and the battles at Cassino and Lake Trasimeno.

The final two films will deal with the brigade’s participation in battles for strong points in the Gothic line south of Bologna, including the Battle of Monte Spaduro at the end of October 1944, and in Operation Grapeshot, the final Allied offensive into the Po Valley in April 1945.

Irish Brigade films will initially be based in Castel del Rio in the Santerno River Valley before moving to Forli and will finally follow the Brigade’s line of advance through the Argenta Gap to the River Po.

“Covid forced us to delay the completion of our film project by two years so we’re delighted that we can now finish the job we started in Tunisia in 2018,” says Irish Brigade website co-founder Edmund O’Sullivan. “There is a huge amount of drama, courage and tragedy in the brigade’s battles in northern Italy and we aim to do full justice to it.”

The final two films will again be presented by Richard, co-founder of the Irish Brigade website. “We’ve had a fantastic reaction so far to the film series,’ says Richard O’Sullivan. “They have had thousands of views and we are confident that we’ve created a permanent and engaging memorial to all those who served in the Irish Brigade and their families.”

The film unit will be led by Harry Thompson who has worked on all six of the completed films.

The final two parts of ‘All My Brothers’ are scheduled to be completed by the end of 2022.