Mention in Brigade Orders – April 1945

2 Innisks.

6981262 P/L/Cpl M Muller.

For outstanding good work as NCO in command of coy communications during the period 13–23 April during the advance to the River Po.

14205230 Fusilier C Stamp.

For outstanding good work as coy runner during numerous runs under fire between 13–23 April during the advance to the River Po.

3607903 Fusilier F Gosling.

For maintaining C Coy’s communications from 13–25 April 45 during the advance to the River Po.

14401884 A/Cpl R Carlin.

For devotion to duty, showing great courage and for his outstanding leadership as a section commander throughout operations from 13–25 April 45.

7044484 P/L/Cpl C Shaw MM.

For carrying out the duties of Stretcher Bearer during the period 13–25 April 45 with great devotion and disregard for all personal danger, especially on 17 and 21 April 45, when many casualties were brought in and attended to under fire.

 2 LIR.

14379095 A/Cpl H Byott.      

6482128 L/Cpl C Birkett.

For gallantry in rescuing their wounded comrades out of a Kangaroo which had been hit by AP Shells.

6984941 Rfn H Hutton MM.

For devotion to duty in maintaining an OP in a house, which received several direct hits from shell fire and was in danger of falling down.

3605490 W/Sgt T McFarlin.

For excellent platoon commanding resulting in much damage being inflicted upon the enemy.

14577877 W/Cpl R Warr.

For excellent Section leading and for vigilance in protecting the tanks supporting him at night.

7013201 P/L/Cpl S Lowry.

For consistent and tireless devotion to duty under fire as a DR.

5671415 Sgt L Gaines (since KIA).

For gallantry and example when his platoon was counter attacked on the River Reno reisting the enemy stubbornly until he was killed at short range.

5439349 Rfn A Ray.

For consistent coolness and accuracy in action as a Bren Gunner.

7021820 Rfn G Edge.

For excellent OP work.

7013471 W/Cpl W Fullalove.

For accomplishing dangerous and difficult work as a jeep driver.

7016319 Rfn A Allenstein.

For continuous good work as a wireless operator under fire.

7019599 P/L/Sgt R Stevenson.

For excellent Section leading in the attack on the bridge at Cona.

6986032 L/Cpl J Loake.

For cool and efficient Section leading under fire.

3599083 Rfn J Rigg.

6984080 Rfn W Fairhead.

For carrying out their duties in evacuating casualties in very trying conditions with very little rest.

1 RIrF.

7043284 W/Cpl C Palmer.

For continuous efficient operation of the Bttn Control Set over long unbroken periods during the recent operations.

4341026 W/Sgt T Lee.

For conduct under fire of the highest standard as Mortar Platoon Sergeant during the past year and especially the recent actions.

3393973 W/Cpl J Schofield.

For exemplary conduct as Pioneer Adult Section Commander in mine clearing under both small arms and mortar fire.

7045271 Fusilier W Spence.

For excellent conduct under fire as a DR.

7044790 W/Cpl L McGrath.

For complete disregard of his own safety and sterling quantities of leadership during the recent battles.

14401545 Fusilier C Mangan.

For spirited aggressiveness, whilst No 1 on the Bren and keenness to destroy the enemy.

5123230 Fusilier M Purcell.

For courage and initiative above the average in the art of stalking the enemy.

7015604 Fusilier J McConkey.

For coolness and courage of a standard, which had been an inspiration to his comrades

1711809 W/A/Cpl W Thomas.

For keenness and devotion to duty and his outstanding leadership as Section Commander in the recent fighting.

7047892 W/Cpl H Nanson.

At all times, this NCO has shown the highest qualifications of leadership. Through the winter months and recent battles, he has been an inspiration to his men.

14503415 Fusilier K Shepherd.          

14549898 Fusilier G Horn.

Since the battle of Spaduro, these two signallers have shown great devotion to duty in maintaining comms under every type of trying conditions.

6981053 Fusilier A Collett.

For efficient operation of his 38 Set when subjected to intense enemy fire.

14552101 W/Cpl F Howe.

For initiative and leadership resulting in a speedy crossing of the canal near Montesanto.

6216336 Fusilier E Sayers.

For courage in the face of superior enemy numbers.

14777400 Fusilier G Bowers.

For saving, by quickness on the trigger, a Sherman tank, which was about to be the target of a Bazooka man.

7047675 Fusilier C French.

For courage and initiative in capturing about a dozen enemy.

7020067 P/L/Cpl A Anderson.

For unselfish conduct, although wounded himself, in extricating comrades from the debris of a room whilst under shellfire.

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