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There are a range of websites that provide additional information about 38 (Irish) Infantry Brigade and its contemporary equivalents within the British Army including:

The 38th (Irish) Brigade from 2007 to the present day. The Irish Brigade was restored as a unit of the British Army in August 2007, though none of its component units are descendants of the original 38th (Irish) Brigade.

The link to the MOD site for 38 (Irish) Brigade can be found by clicking here.

Royal Irish Regiment. Formed during the restructuring of the British Army in 1992, the Royal Irish Regiment is the heir of the Royal Inniskilling Fusiliers, the Royal Irish Fusiliers and Royal Ulster Rifles.

Click here for the official MOD site for details about the current day Royal Irish Regiment.

Click here, too, for a link to the Royal Irish Regiment’s web site with details of their museums and other archive resources.

The London Irish Rifles. Find information about the existing D (London Irish Rifles) Company, London Regiment can be found by clicking here for the official MOD site.

London Irish Rifles Regimental Association (LIRA) web site can be accessed by clicking here.

Other web sites of interest include:

Associazione Linea Gustav – a team of Liri Valley historians and enthusiasts who can provide support to those who wish to visit the area.

Click here for a link to the Friends of Orvieto War Cemetery web site where you can read more about the men who served with various regiments during June 1944.

Service records can be accessed by contacting the Ministry of Defence here.

A very useful Coordinate Translator that translates 1943-45 map coordinates in Sicily and Italy included in the war diaries to a modern day Google Earth map can be found by clicking here.

University of Texas have a collection of 1943 maps of Tunisia.

McMaster University’s collection of maps of Italy.

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