Irish Brigade

The story of the 38th (Irish) Brigade in the Second World War

Faugh a Ballagh        Nec Aspera Terrent         Quis Separabit

February 1944

At the start of February 1944, the Faughs were relieved by Polish forces from their defensive duties in and around Castel di Sangro and, after a period in reserve, the whole Irish Brigade were transferred across to the 5th Army front, along with the rest of 78 Division. There was expectation that they would soon be taking part in offensive action near to Cassino.

In his letters home during the month to his wife Olive, Major Lawrence (Lawrie) Franklyn-Vaile describes this period of rest, as well as continuing to keep up with all the latest news from his family on the home front.

After a number of newly posted senior officers join the Faughs in late January/early February, Lawrie relinquishes command of B Company, much to his disappointment, but after two weeks of mounting frustration, the month closes with Lawrie telling his wife that he was now to take over command of C Company.

3rd February 1944.

6th February 1944.

8th February 1944.

11th February 1944.

16th February 1944.

19th February 1944.

22nd February 1944.

24th February 1944.

29th February 1944.

Faughs’ officers, February 1944.

Lieut Howard, Lieut Manson, Lieut Hanssen, Lieut Lloyd, Unknown, Lieut Coetzee,Lieut Thomason,Lieut Room,Unknown,Unknown.

Unknown, Lieut Broadbent, Lieut Richards,Captain Cammiade,Captain Brown,Unknown, Father Kelleher, Captain Franklyn-Vaile, Captain Hodsoll, Captain Kentish.

Major Heidenstam, Captain Collis, Captain Bass, Major McNally, Major Holmes, Lt-Col Dunnill, Captain Clark,Lieut Maginnis, Major Dawson, Major Clarke, Captain Kentish.

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