Irish Brigade

The story of the 38th (Irish) Brigade in the Second World War

Irish Brigade March 1945 to July 1945 By Brigadier TPD Scott

Pat Scott’s narrative continues from March 1945 to July 1945, covering narratives of the breakthrough of the Argenta Gap to final victory at the Po River. It also describes the delicate negotiations and peacekeeping duties undertaken by the brigade during May 1945.

Click on the links below to continue to read Brigadier Scott’s accounts of this period of vital importance:

Part 1 – Review of the campaign to date.

Part 2 – Senio Floodbank.

Part 3 – St Patrick’s Day/Preparation for the final assault.

Part 4 – The Argenta Gap.

Part 5 – North Italy/Austria.

Part 6 – Peacekeeping Duties.

Part 7 – Postscript.



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