78th Division Final Offensive

We are pleased to include here a detailed narrative of the 78th Division’s actions during April 1945 and which describes their vital part in the drive towards final victory in Italy.

Campaign Overview

Casualty Figures/Prisoners of War.

11 Brigade – 

2 Lancashire Fusiliers.  1 East Surrey Regiment.  5 Northampton Regiment.

 36 Brigade –

5 Buffs.  8A&SH.

 38 Brigade

2 Innisks.   2 LIR.     1 RIrF.

                     Kensington Regiment, Queens’ Bays, 9 Lancers, 10 Royal Hussars, 48 RTR.

 Royal Artillery.

Royal Engineers.

                 Maps of the route of advance – April 9th to April 25th 1945

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