Charlie Lawson shares the story of his lost uncle with the We Have Ways podcast

UK actor Charlie Lawson shared the story of his uncle Royal Irish Fusiliers lieutenant John Glennie with James Holland and Al Murray in the popular weekly We Have Ways of Making You Talk Second World War podcast.

John Glennie was killed in the Irish Brigade’s failed attack against German lines on the river Trigno north of Termoli on 28 October 1943.

His Second World War story was discovered in letters written by his company commander Lawrence Franklyn-Vaile to his wife Olive in the UK between August 1943 and May 1944.

They included an account of Franklyn-Vaile’s close bond with Glennie , the circumstances of the younger man’s death and the grief Franklyn-Vaile consequently suffered.

Charlie Lawson told the story of Glenn and his family in This Week in the Italian Campaign Youtube show last October.

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