Irish Brigade

The story of the 38th (Irish) Brigade in the Second World War

Faugh a Ballagh        Nec Aspera Terrent         Quis Separabit


The Irish Brigade Song Book.

We have been sent a remarkable memento of the Irish Brigade’s time in Italy. During 1944, the Brigade published a book of songs that soon became a staple musical accompaniment to their relaxed periods out of the line. On St Patrick’s Day in March 1945, the Brigade HQ hosted a social occasion to which they…

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Entering Centuripe

The early morning of 3rd August saw the end of the fighting in Centuripe and Nelson Russell reviewed the outcome: “Centuripe was in our hands. It was a difficult operation in difficult country against a determined enemy. The chief credit was due to the Royal Inniskilling Fusiliers, who bore the brunt of the fighting and fought…

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Landings near Cassibile

At the end of July 1943, men of the Irish Brigade came ashore near Cassibile just to the south of Syracuse on the south east coast of Sicily. Brigadier Nelson Russell had arrived a few days before the main body of the Brigade and he recalled his journey from Tunisia: “A skeleton Brigade staff sailed…

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River Simeto

Simeto river crossing. After the Salso crossing, the Irish Brigade again rapidly moved forward and the afternoon of 5th August saw them attacking across the Simeto river, where the far bank was heavily defended. In fact, that single day saw the highest number of deaths for the brigade throughout all their campaigns in Tunisia and…

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