Between the Trigno and the Sangro

There was no real fighting between the Trigno and the Sangro. The Bosche was pulling out as fast as he could; our metal was too heavy and he had no prepared defences.

Besides, the 16th Panzer Division, hard hit at Termoli and overlooked ever since, had had enough. They were being taken out of the fight for a refit and were ready and willing to give their successors a chance. This was the 65th Division, dug in and waiting for us on the much talked of Winter Line.

There were some fighting at Capella and there was quite a little battle north of the town; but, by and large, the Tanks thundered on and the Brigades followed after, their chief opponents being fatigues, set and cold.

4th November – The …. Brigade occupied Vasto.

                      The …. Brigade occupied Capella.

5th November    The …. Brigade occupied Castelbordino.

                       The …. Brigade occupied Scerni.

6th November    The …. Brigade occupied Torino.

                       The …. Brigade occupied Paglieto.

The Irish Brigade stepped up behind – first about two miles south of Vasto and finally to a ridge north west of Vasto and just this side of the River Finella.

A halt was called for in the build up to the attack on the Winter Line.


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