Sicily – 18th July 1943

(NA 4759): Capt. Gunter, O.C. No.2 Bn. 3rd Paratroop Rifle Regiment, was captured in civilian clothes while trying to get through our lines, near Buccheri. Capt. Gunter is here being questioned by Lieut. Henderson, I.O. of the 51st Highland Division. Copyright: © IWM.

(NA 4785): British troops – men of the 2nd Inniskillings – holding positions on the Plain under heavy shell and mortar fire. Copyright: © IWM.

(NA 4717): British Tommies laying on a water supply in Buccheri. Copyright: © IWM.

(NA 4772): General Montgomery with Brigadier Cooke-Collis and Lieut. Gen. Kirkman. Copyright: © IWM.

(NA 4893): A key bridge on the main road to CATANIA. First action to be carried out in this was by one British Unit – the 1st London Scottish – was to cross this bridge under heavy fire and relieve another force of D.L.I. Copyright: © IWM.

(NA 5836): Covering the entire deck space of a British Landing Craft, stretcher cases waiting to join the Hospital Ship outside the Harbour. Copyright: © IWM.