Sicily – 16th July 1943

(NA 4736): Ruins of a road block on the Catania road. Copyright: © IWM.

(NA 4854): British infantry moving up towards Vizzini. Copyright: © IWM.

(NA 4801): Women at Syracuse lining up for bread ration. Copyright: © IWM.

(NA 4715): Bofors anti-aircraft gun crew of 268 Battery, 40th LAA Regiment on alert, 16 July 1943. Copyright: © IWM.

(NA 4639): Axis prisoners coming ashore at Sousse. Among them were a number of men of the Herman Goering Regiment. Copyright: © IWM.

(NA 4878): Bren carriers pass burnt out enemy vehicles and armour. Copyright: © IWM.

(NA 4797): A scene on the beaches at Syracuse, showing tons of equipment being unloaded by our troops Copyright: © IWM.