Irish Brigade in Italy, Mar 1944 - Mar 1945

The Irish Brigade website is proud to present the story of 38 (Irish) Brigade from March 1944 until March 1945 by TPD Scott, CB, CBE, DSO who commanded the brigade during this period. This unique and historic document contains vivid and detailed descriptions of the campaign of the Irish Brigade that encompasses duty on Monte Castellone near Monte Cassino, the 4th Battle of Cassino and the pursuit of the German rearguard, the Battle of Trasimeno, the attacks on the Gothic Line, the brigade's actions in the northern Apennines in the winter of 1944/45 and on the River Senio in the spring of 1945.

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Part 1 - March 1944: in reserve on the Cassino front. 

Part 2 - April 1944: Monte Castellone. 

Part 3 - May 1944: the attack on the Gustav Line. 

Part 4 - May 1944: the advance up the Liri Valley. 

Part 5 - June 1944: the advance north of Rome to Lake Trasimeno. 

Page 6 - July 1944: to Cairo. 

Part 7 - August 1944 to October 1944: back to Italy. 

Page 8 - October 1944 to November 1944: Monte Spaduro. 

Part 9 - January 1945: another winter in the line. 

Part 10 - February 1945 to March 1945: preparing for the final offensive. 



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